Q. How many titles do I need to sign up for to get the discount?

A. There is NO minimum number of titles to qualify for the 10% discount. However, if you keep 25 or more on your list you qualify for a 15% discount. You can request a single issue, a particular story arc or even any titles by a certain writer or artist.

We keep our orders very tight with the intention of selling out as soon as possible. All we ask is that you keep your list updated no later than the Sunday night before new comic Wednesday.  The easiest way to do that is through the ComiXology website. Details on that are further down this page.

Q. What other perks come with a Kapow Comics subscription service?

A. Reserve customers can have their discount off of trades.  No discount on back issues, statues, etc. That being said, if they special order a Tee, statue, action figure, etc.  then they can have their discount.  These discounts have to be ordered items that are not already in the store.

Q. How often do I have to come in and pick up my subscriptions?

A. At least once every 30 days. We have so many subscribers that our storage space can fill up very quickly. Without regular subscriber pickups we can end up holding thousands of dollars worth of inventory that has been held specifically by request. If a box has not been cleared out within 30 days, we reserve the right to sell anything out of your file, regardless of whether it can be reordered or not. Military deployment or other arrangements that have been made with the owner do not apply.

Q. What if I take longer than 30 days to pick up my books?

A. First of all, we will ALWAYS tell you that your file will be pulled BEFORE we do it. We will call you about your file if you haven't been in for over 45 days. If you can’t be contacted then the box is put on hold. If contacted and still haven’t seen you in 7 days then we treat it like a no contact.  After the 7th day of first attempt, we will try once more.  If no contact or you still haven’t shown your box is closed that day.

Q. If that happens and my file gets pulled, can I set up my subscription service again?

A. Yes, but you must buy the amount of the sale of books that were left in your box.

Q. Can I order merchandise other than comics?

A. Yes. The only thing that we ask is that merchandise other than comics and trades be purchased within 30 days of the date we received it. If the pre-order cost of the merchandise is over $50 we will require a 50% deposit BEFORE the order is placed, especially on items that we would not have ordered before. The deposit is then applied to your account and shows a credit amount which you can use at your discretion.

Q. Do I have to update my list in person?

A. No. You can set up your list on ComiXology and link it up to our store. Any changes you make to your list on that site will be emailed to us on a daily basis.

Q. Do I have to prepay for my books before they’re ordered?

A. No. We do not require that you prepay for your subscriptions before they are ordered.

Q. Do I have to put a credit card on file?

A. No. We only ask that our customers to pick up their subscriptions in less than 30 days.

Q. Is there a LAY-A-WAY plan?

A. Yes there is. LAY-A-WAY Is 25% down and the remaining 3 payments every 30 days.



This is the main way we will be taking pull lists. It’s very easy to do and will give you greater control over your books. Set it up on www.comixology.com and then link it to our store. I get an email daily with all updates made the day before. It's really simple.

1. When you go to the website you'll need to register for the free account.

2. Then you'll get an email asking you to confirm your registration.

3. Once that is confirmed, you can start building your list.

4. To add something as a regular pull, hit the 'Subscribe' button. If you can't find a particular title, go to the Power Search in the upper right hand corner.

5. To add just a certain issue, hit the 'Pull' button.

6. To link your list to Kapow Comics, type in the 72120 zip code in the Shop Locator.

7. Locate the listing for Kapow Comics in the list and click on the link.

8. Choose the 'Connect' button on the left, fill out the subscriber agreement form and you're done!

To confirm that it took, when you log into the site under your username click on the SETTINGS link. This takes you to a page EDIT YOUR PROFILE where you'll choose SETTINGS...under that is RETAILER CONNECTION...it should list Brainstorm there. Then you'll know it's done.

If you have problems with the site or locating a particular issue, let me know or email the people at ComiXology. We'll figure out a way around it. Here's a direct link to the Kapow Comics page linked to ComiXology.